A sexy organic banana, being doused in raw chocolate sauce and hundreds & thousands.

'The Boss'

Portrait of Ajarn Barry Norman. My trainer at Sor Thanikul Muay Thai gym based in Byker Newcastle, where I practice and compete out of.

May have overdone the fire sparks hahaha

#Rapunzel & #Pascal for Sketch Dailies…

Had fun at work today,

Happy Halloween :D

(Source: vimeo.com)

End of year exhibition for my animation course at uni,

5m x 2m digitally painted wall mural

Myself ‘fighting’ procrastination..

Sketch for fun.

Lucas asleep, 2013.

Had the chance to do a little life drawing yesterday morning. My boss brought his little boy into work, he crashed on the bean bag :D

Timed at around 20 mins.

Cha Bar animated logo, done for fun.

Life sized Batman & Superman commission for a boy’s bedroom, painted traditionally on the wall using Acrylic paint.

Album cover for ‘Transition’ by Nyime Nwator

Little rough sketch thinking about rhythm

Competition entry for university.

Story sketch, something I’ve been meaning to sketch for about two years now, an old visual memory…

Brand new logo design by me for Cha Bar - Knutsford! Purveyors of fine, healthy teas and home made designer cakes!